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Archive for November 2015

Best Practices: Managing Negative Customer Reviews

DO’S AND DON’TS FOR MANAGING NEGATIVE CUSTOMER REVIEWS Negative reviews can seem like a personal attack on your business’s integrity.  Yet handled appropriately, online criticism can be turned around and used to promote your business. In this article, you’ll find helpful tips and best practices for handling negative reviews posted by your customers. Do respond…

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Tips for Running a Facebook Contest

Running a contest on Facebook presents a wonderful opportunity to reach more potential fans, and grow your social media following. By following some of these best practices — you’re sure to have a successful contest. Make sure you have an appealing, awesome prize. Your prize should align with what your business actually does. For example,…

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19 Surprising Words That Increase Reach!

Thank you to Socially Stacked for this fantastic infographic! Your choice of wording can improve the likelihood of your social media posts getting shared or engaged with. In fact, there are certain words that hold more power over our decision making process than others, according to today’s infographic by QuickSprout. For example, if you were running…

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Creepy but Effective, Retargeting Works!

You have probably noticed ads for something you’ve been looking at following you around the Internet once you’ve left a website.  How does that work? You are doing some online shopping and see something you really like but decide against buying it. While scrolling through a different site, you see the same item on your sidebar.…

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