Seven Ways To Hack The Facebook Algorithm IRL

In sales and marketing, we have always been told to “ask for the business” to close the sale. It is how you grow, it is how you increase your bottom line. But today in social media, and thanks to algorithms and intelligent learning, or A.I. … if a business asks for a like, a share…

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As a Business Owner; Should You Hire a Content Writer?

At ChartLocal, we often help business owners navigate daily challenges such as having lots to do and no time in which to do it. We also field the age-old quandary; How to increase sales on a limited marketing budget. The answer to that last puzzle may be as simple as hiring a content writer. In…

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How To Turn Customer Success Into YOUR Success.

Swiss Army, Customer Success,

We recently blogged about the churn factor in business and how a small reduction in churn can mean huge gains in company growth and profit. New research from McKinsey shows that in addition, time spent on customer success is really turning some companies around … for the better.   According to the report, businesses with…

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