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Archive for January 2018

Don’t Panic – Facebook’s New Algorithm Change is No Armageddon!

A few years ago, Google said that it would start penalizing websites that were not responsive or mobile friendly. It was hailed as MobileGeddon!! Website companies the world-over blogged and emailed and advertised great rates for building responsive websites. It was a call to action for sure, a warning by the 800lb gorilla in the…

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The Secret To Business Growth – Revealed!

Today we reveal the biggest secret to new business growth. It is not actually a new concept or the latest technology or business tool, but rather an age-old truth that so many in business either forget, ignore or possibly, just never gave much thought. The secret to new business growth is client, customer or patient…

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Is Your Phone Spying On You to Serve Relevant Ads?

Relevance is key in marketing today.  But, is your smartphone spying on you to get the marketing data? There is a tech rumor that refuses to die. It is the one that says Facebook uses your smartphone microphone to listen to you and those around you, then serves you ads that are relevant to what…

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