What is Google My Business and Why is it Essential for Local Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a business listing that allows business owners to control and optimize their presence on Google Search. The free Google feature has become a key component to attracting and maintaining customer relations. A complete and updated GMB listing sets a positive first impression and can boost a business’s local SEO ranking. In a society that increasingly relies on the internet and social media, a business’s online presence is more important than ever. By taking advantage of GMB, a business is able to provide customers with validated and verified information. Failure to maintain a complete and updated GMB listing may mean missing out on new customers, clients or patients.


An Essential Asset

Uncertainty and change remain in the air as we continue to trudge through a pandemic. Public health orders are constantly changing and in response so are local business hours and health protocols. Communicating with customers is key to maintaining business during these times. This is why GMB is essential for local business. One of the many benefits of GMB is its efficiency. It provides customers quick and easy access to crucial information. Business hours, phone numbers, addresses, websites, promotions, events, etc. can be featured on a GMB listing. With a quick google search, customers are able to access information for a large variety of local businesses. Is your business one of them?


It is important to note that a GMB listing can hurt a business just as easily as it can help. A listing that fails to include important information will often result in a customer taking their business elsewhere. People prefer having easy and quick access to the information they are seeking. They do not have the time, nor do they want to scavenge through websites, social media, etc for a phone number or address. While some businesses have not yet tapped into this resource, there are plenty utilizing GMB, offering customers and prospective clients the answers they seek, on demand.

GMB is an extremely helpful tool for businesses and customers alike. Not only does it communicate information to customers but it allows businesses to gain customer insight.  Customers are able to leave reviews, rate the business, and ask questions through GMB. Businesses can learn a lot about their customers by paying close attention to these features.

At ChartLocal, we specialize in helping businesses get found online. Google My Business is one of the many tools we help our clients learn how to leverage. Fully optimizing and updating GMB on a consistent basis is one of the many ways a business can strengthen their online presence. We understand keeping up with the latest digital demands is a lot to keep up with on top of running your business. That’s why we offer Google My Business optimization and posting as a fully managed service. If you’re looking for a guide, give our team a call today to learn more about the many ways we can help shore up your digital presence.

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