WEBINAR: What Consumers Expect From Businesses

Local businesses tend to be pulled by their customers into adopting new technologies. Whether it’s accepting new forms of payment, launching a mobile-friendly website or engaging on social media, business behavior follows consumer behavior.

This pattern is amplified now that digital first millennials are hitting their stride as consumers.

So what expectations do today’s consumers have for the local businesses they patronize?

And what implications do these expectations have for companies selling digital advertising and marketing services to small, local merchants?

BuzzBoard and BIA/Kelsey explore this important topic and share data-supported insights into how consumer preferences are pulling businesses into greater use of new technology to attract and service their customers. Are your customers doing what it takes?

This webinar is packed with insights for you to better serve the SMB market.

• Neal Polachek, Board Advisor, BuzzBoard
• Morgan Stevenson, Commercial Development Director, Local World Media
• Charles Laughlin, SVP and Senior Analyst, BIA/Kelsey

Here is a link to the presentation: