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Five Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore!

2018 is almost half over and we are almost 9/10th of the way to the second decade of the 21st century. So it’s time to look at what is shaping the future as it relates to digital marketing. Where is 2020 going to take us? What current trends and fads will sustain or become commonplace…

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Is Your Website ADA compliant

If you have never heard of ADA compliance before, it is time for a quick lesson and a look at how your business provides for persons with disabilities, both in the physical and online world. There are 54.5 million Americans with some type of disability. That is roughly 19% of the total population. Any business that has…

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Choosing The Name For Your Business

In the old days … that is, before the web and more recently social media … choosing the name for your business was a simple matter. If your name was Bob and you were a plumber’s apprentice, there finally came a time for you to spread your wings and go off on your own. Now…

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Seven Ways To Hack The Facebook Algorithm IRL

In sales and marketing, we have always been told to “ask for the business” to close the sale. It is how you grow, it is how you increase your bottom line. But today in social media, and thanks to algorithms and intelligent learning, or A.I. … if a business asks for a like, a share…

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As a Business Owner; Should You Hire a Content Writer?

At ChartLocal, we often help business owners navigate daily challenges such as having lots to do and no time in which to do it. We also field the age-old quandary; How to increase sales on a limited marketing budget. The answer to that last puzzle may be as simple as hiring a content writer. In…

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How To Turn Customer Success Into YOUR Success.

Swiss Army, Customer Success,

We recently blogged about the churn factor in business and how a small reduction in churn can mean huge gains in company growth and profit. New research from McKinsey shows that in addition, time spent on customer success is really turning some companies around … for the better.   According to the report, businesses with…

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Don’t Panic – Facebook’s New Algorithm Change is No Armageddon!

A few years ago, Google said that it would start penalizing websites that were not responsive or mobile friendly. It was hailed as MobileGeddon!! Website companies the world-over blogged and emailed and advertised great rates for building responsive websites. It was a call to action for sure, a warning by the 800lb gorilla in the…

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The Secret To Business Growth – Revealed!

Today we reveal the biggest secret to new business growth. It is not actually a new concept or the latest technology or business tool, but rather an age-old truth that so many in business either forget, ignore or possibly, just never gave much thought. The secret to new business growth is client, customer or patient…

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