How important are online reviews?

Think about it…when was the last time you read a review? Most consumers are browsing through reviews on a weekly basis and they aren’t just looking for a five star rating. Reviews are extremely influential to consumers actively searching for the best of the best. In an increasingly competitive market it is important to recognize…

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Recruitment Rundown

Recruitment Rundown Blog Image

COVID-19 proved to have a massive impact on recruiters, resulting in a wave of new techniques and approaches for enlisting talent. As our society continues fighting to regain a sense of normalcy, it’s important to recognize some of the recruitment trends we are likely to see as we progress further. Attracting and securing new talent…

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Six SEO Stats – Why SEO Matters

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What is SEO (search engine optimization)?  SEO is both a series of best practices and a core aspect of digital marketing that increases your site’s online visibility on search engines. Billions of searches take place each day on Google alone. That’s because consumers trust search engines to deliver results to help connect them with the…

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